Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Benefits of a good P.E. Teacher

A lot of today’s youth do not always receive the proper physical education that they deserve.   I believe the main factor of that lack of proper physical education is due to the lack of motivation by some of the physical education teachers out their today.  From listening to a lot of my peers that have been out in situations such as observation hours or student teaching I have definitely gotten a lot more negative feedback then positive.  I heard a lot about how lazy physical education teachers actually are which blows my mind because we are supposed to be the most awake and energetic.  I think it is very important to always be very enthusiastic while teaching your classes because students will feed off your energy.  If you the teacher is having fun and giving one hundred percent every day then most likely the students will as well.  I know there is a lot of teachers out there that choose this job because realistically you can get away with doing the bear minimum.  A physical education teacher can show up every day just roll out the balls and let the students do whatever they want and call it a day and still get paid as much as a teacher that does the complete opposite.  I personally blame those teachers however for the student’s lack of knowledge and interest in the importance of physical fitness and physical activity.  If you give the student the opportunity to learn nothing a majority of them are obviously going to be okay with that because kids would rather do other things than anything school related that’s just how kids act when they are young the understanding of how important education is doesn’t really register until you’re older for most people.  As a physical education teacher you have to look at the big picture if you are putting effort into your job every day you go to work you are benefitting the lives of multiple classes which can sometimes add up to hundreds of students a year.  I don’t know about the rest of the physical educators but I would much rather benefit all those lives then be held responsible for making them worse.  If you want to look at the even bigger picture if you’re a physical education teacher for many years you can be benefitting the lives of thousands of students.  I think that can be a great accomplishment for someone that can be classified as just a “gym teacher”.

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