Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I hope, I believe, i will

Professionalism is one of the most important things related to physical education.  There are a lot of people that do not take physical educators seriously so it is important for us physical educators to always be as professional as possible.  Some key things that promote professionalism is appropriate attire, language, and the mood that you are in.  Appropriate attire is important because it would not make sense for a teacher to wear shorts and a t shirt to teach a class you still want to wear clothes that you can be physically active in such as a polo shirt and a pair of cargo shorts.  It is important to wear professional clothes because you do want to separate yourself from the students.  Language is another important aspect of professionalism because any type of cursing would be completely inappropriate for any type of teacher to use in a classroom setting.  If a teacher starts using inappropriate language most likely the student will feel comfortable using that language as well.  As teachers we have to remember that sometimes the students look at us as role models.  The mood you are in is a big contributor to professionalism because your mood as the teacher can affect the students learning and their attitudes.  It is important to always have a positive attitude while teaching physical education because you want the students to enjoy what they’re doing.  If a student sees that you are having a bad day and aren’t excited about anything that the class is about to do most likely the student is not going to get excited about the activities either.
                Physical Education has always been very interesting to me even when I was still in school.  I always found myself lucky to be able to pick a major right out of high school and fall in love with it even more throughout my days as a college student.  The reason I first chose to be a physical educator was because my middle school physical education teacher had gotten me into wrestling and wrestling changed my life.  When I first came in to the physical education major I was doing it because I wanted to become a coach one day.  After years in this major I began to realize how many lives you can change as a physical educator.  There is so much physical education out there that just is not being pursued correctly.  One of my personal goals as a future physical educator would be to lower the obesity rate first in a single school and eventually the whole district.  The physical education program at SUNY Cortland is outstanding and exactly what I need to pursue these goals.  There are so many students out their today that I see just lining up to get the new xbox  but don’t even own a single bicycle.  Things like that I find absolutely mind blowing and in the future I am guaranteeing that I will be able to convince the young minded students how much better physical activity can be then things such as a video game.

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