Wednesday, November 16, 2011

steroid use in high school and college

Steroid use in High School and College Athletics
Performance enhancement drugs are a huge problem in the today’s time in both high school and college athletic life.  There are multiple reasons why kids take them and not one of them is for a good reason.  Steroids were a big problem in my high school, however very few actually used them to increase their athletic ability in any sort of school related sport.  I’ve seen kids that have never played a sport through their middle school or high school career just take different types of performance enhancement drugs and then just go to the gym and it barely had any effect.  To be honest most of the kids just started to gain weight and slip into obesity.  The only reason I can think of someone to be taking performance enhancement drugs is if they are severely sick and it is recommended by a doctor.  Other than that there is no excuse for anybody at any age to being putting these poisonous substances into their body.  I do not know anybody personally that has taken steroids in college but if someone does, I think it is unfair for the people that have been not taking any sort of performance enhancement drugs.  I consider steroids cheating and people that do not take them have worked really hard to get where they are today.

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